Episode 42-Drengskapr

February 3, 2019 @ 6:23 pm
Drengskapr (noun m.) [Bravery, manliness] - Norse code of Masculinity. 
The state of being a Drengr.
Independent, self-reliant masculinity that manifests in a martial character.
The attributes of a Drengr are courage, strength, honor, high-mindedness.
Masculine in character and appearance.
Honorable in his dealings with family and others.

In this episode we will discuss the current state of masculinity in society as well as how it's viewed.


We will look at some statistics and see how men are failing in areas we once thrived in.


We will address the modern male stereotypes and how they are creating weaker men.


I will introduce you to the Old Norse Concept of Drengskapr and propose we once again make it a code for men.


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