Episode 5: In the Trenches with Hannibal Kane

February 3, 2016 @ 10:37 am
In this episode Hannibal will discuss Self Reliance and Savagery.

An exploration of how each played a role in the lives of our ancestors, and how each matters today.

Why these two concepts are at their best, when they are together.

His own experience with these notions.

How to instill Self Reliance and Savagery into yourself and your Tribe.
This is a podcast like none other. No instruction, no lecture and no "This is how its done" attitude.
This is real time growth in Heathenry from a man who hasn't been Heathen all that long.
This is a huge opportunity for beginners and the more experienced as well. 
Listen to him involve into Heathenry as it continues to evolve itself.

Join Hannibal Kane as he takes his journey as a Heathen who is still making his way through the trenches.
Learning as he goes and offering himself as an example for others to learn not only from, but with. 
This is the podcast where we can grow together and embrace the nature of being the New Breed of Heathen. 

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