Episode 30: The State of Heathen Affairs

June 6, 2016 @ 9:33 am

This week on Tier One Viking Radio we discuss The State of Heathen Affairs.

We'll look at the huge influx of new Heathens and discuss why it's happening.

Find out why you are most likely a NO-GO in the Valhalla Entry Program.

We'll talk about large organizations and why they do a disservice to Heathen tribe building.

We'll examine factions of these new people who really shouldn't be considered Heathen.

We'll discuss the role of scholars and reconstructionists and why they are important to the existence of modern Heathenry.

Please set your ego aside and join me for a valuable talk for all of us!

Word Fame

Real Heathenry

Real Heathenry was founded in December 2015. The intent was to publish easy-to- read articles

introducing Heathen and arch-Heathen concepts to an audience that was unfamiliar with them. These

articles are presented in as neutral a viewpoint as possible, without taking sides in any of the many

debates found among modern Heathens.



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