Episode 26: Shots Fired - A Talk With In Range TV’s Karl Kasarda

March 6, 2016 @ 3:03 pm

In Episode 26 of Tier One Viking Radio we have a powerful talk with Karl Kasarda from In Range TV!

Karl is a Heathen who brings us a powerful message for anyone in the firearms community! Especially those just starting out!

We'll go in depth with our discussion about the recent video Karl did for In Range TV. Which you can view here!

We'll discuss the AK Karl used in the video and why he used it.

We talk about the connection between physical training and firearms training and how they work together.

We'll talk about the mindset that he brings to the table and how it's building a powerful tribe in his area!

Karl discusses how a beginner can go about getting started with finding legitimate firearms training and combatives training that will compliment it.

We give our opinions on the recent Keanu Reeves video that's become such a "big deal".

Check out all of Karl's videos here!


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Check out Karl's video from his training with Shiv Works.

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