Episode 24: Boots on the ground Heathenry

February 14, 2016 @ 10:05 pm

In this episode We discuss Boots on the Ground Heathenry.

We learn what "Boots on the ground" means in Military terms and apply that definition to Heathenry.

"The Heathens actually living their day to day lives incorporating their Heathen identity into what they do on a regular basis
while acknowledging the laws of the society they live in, rather than those not engaged in anything other than internet relations,
isolated solitary practices or those whose engagement in Heathenry is limited to the understanding of the written word 
rather than applying it to their day to day lives."

We look at several examples of boots on the ground Heathenry.

We discuss it's polar opposite "Internet Heathenry"

Find out what myself and others think about online virtual blot.

We discuss the changes in the New Breed of Heathen group and how the BOTG concept is having a positive effect.

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